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Well Known East Coast "High Net Worth Tax Strategist" Reveals The Strategy Wealthy Families Use To Shockingly Reduce Your Tax Bill Within a Single (Free) Phone Call — a Strategy Your Current CPA Is Not Even Aware Of, Guaranteed!

WITHOUT hiring more employees, giving up control of your money, or raising unwanted red flags...

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Don't you think it's odd that you're the one bringing new ideas and tax strategies to your accountant?

They should know more about reducing taxes than you, right?

Sometimes you see an article or strategy and you mention it to your CPA ... only to find out they never even heard of it.

Sometimes they even say "yes, that will work for you" ... which leaves you perplexed (and annoyed).

Why aren't they bringing these ideas to you?

Isn't that their job?

You want help lowering (or eliminating) your tax burden ... not someone to add up your income and expenses and tell you what you owe the government.

Most CPA's are order takers, not forward looking strategists.

There are roughly 70,000 pages in the United States tax code. Only about 30 pages are dedicated to actually paying taxes. The other 69,970+ pages show you exactly how to AVOID paying taxes ... which side of the "wealth gap" are you on?

You know who writes the laws that make up the tax code, right?

Yes, you guessed it ... the ultra wealthy.

... and inside of the tax codes lies all sorts of tax reduction laws, rules, codes, and downright legal "loopholes".

The truth of the matter is that the wealthiest people that you know don't play by the same rules as everyone else.

No, not at all.

They don't hand over 30% - 50% of their net profits each year to a government that spends money like a crazed drug addicted lunatic.

No. The wealthy actually keep their money, control it, invest it, and most importantly compound it.

That's how the rich stay rich.

This is how a majority of our clients are able to purchase cash-flowing real estate, continue to fund qualified & non-qualified investment accounts, and operate profitable businesses.

We're all technically playing the same game but some of us are playing with a different set of rules.

... and until you make the leap from accountant to tax strategist, you'll most likely never truly understand.

... you'll always be driving with one foot on the gas while the other is on the brake.


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"Faced with an excessively large tax bill, I went searching for the best firm to help me and my family navigate the tax code. They not only saved me considerable amounts of money but they showed me a new way to live and introduced me to the big leagues of wealth, tax, and investing."

Greg B. | Connecticut

Some Of Our Strategies That Your CPA May Not Know...

✅ Discover the semi-secretive "Big Kahuna" tax strategy that nearly every single Ultra High Net Worth family has been using to shield, preserve, and compound their wealth for over one hundred years.

✅ How to pay little to no tax (even on millions of net profit) by using a simple but time sensitive real estate "loophole" (many times this is the only strategy you'll need)

✅ The "wealth draining" mistake that most Americans with seven figures in their retirement account make & how we can solve this for you (very few people in the industry know of this)

✅ Discover how to reduce your family's taxable income by up to $230,000 and even deposit a majority of it into a investment account with margin (this is like rocket fuel for your long-term wealth strategy)

✅ Uncover the real deduction you should be taking for a home office without raising red flags

✅ How to avoid turning over a lion's share of your real estate profits to the government (the world would be very different if more people knew about this)

✅ The "secret" strategy that nearly all UHNW individuals employ when selling a business or highly appreciated asset (you'll kick yourself if you're unaware of this simple strategy)

✅ What to do after you max out all of your retirement accounts (little-known high level insurance strategy)

✅ What type of entity structure to use for maximum asset protection (almost all ultra high net worth real estate investors use this same structure)

✅ Learn how much money your current entity formation may be costing you (on these calls we find many individuals are using the entirely wrong entity structure)

✅ Discover how the super-rich use multi entity structuring to pay as little tax as legally possible

✅ and much more that we don't talk about publicly

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"And thanks to a high level tax strategy, Peter Thiel’s fortune is far more vast than even experts in tallying the wealth of the rich believed. In 2019, Forbes put Thiel’s total net worth at just $2.3 billion. That was less than half of what his Roth IRA alone was worth."


So, What's The Catch?

As you can imagine — when you can save clients hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a single year, the demand for your time is significant.

The catch is that our services are not for everyone.

Usually, we offer our very limited time and attention to current clients and the associates and referrals that they bring in.

Right now, we're trying a new strategy to find clients & families that may be a great fit for our firm and strategies.

Right after the pandemic struck, we witnessed something rare.

Many companies went out of business.

Many shops closed.

But, that's not the strange part.

The strangest thing is that on the contrary, many businesses & investors had record-breaking earnings.

Many of our clients became deca, and even centi-millionaires, in a very short period of time.

While we lost some of our high end tax clients, we gained even more ... and their tax situations are even more complex and complicated than ever before.

Because of this rare event, we're opening our doors to a limited number of new individuals to jump on a free "tax reduction roadmap" call with one of our team members to discuss strategy, discuss your situation, and see if we can uncover massive savings and opportunity for you.

This will not last much longer.

But, while the opportunity presents itself, we will give you a free "tax reduction roadmap" call (they are usually $1,500 and only for retainer clients) to ask us questions, discuss your tax positions, and share some high level tax strategies with you.

There's a catch though...

Not everyone will be accepted and this offer is time sensitive.

If you believe you'd be a great fit, go ahead and fill out the form below...

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Tax Strategies That Your Accountant Has Never Heard Of


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